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The Process:

  • These are the three most asked questions at the beginning of the designing and building process, and they are the least likely to be answered with any accuracy when dealing with such limited information. Haven't you heard some one you know say; "It was supposed to take two months and cost $XX amount, but boy that sure didn't happen." This is where all that disappointment began: when the contractor or sales person said exactly what you wanted to hear without spending the time to truly find out all of the information needed to answer those questions competently.



    This page will take you through the phases of the design build process and show you all of the decisions and activities that are truly required to get a real answer to these questions.

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    Step 1

    The Initial Call & First Meeting

    What can you expect to happen?

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    Step 2

    Design Contract

    Sign An Exploratory Contract.

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    Step 3

    Feasibility Study

    Will your project work?

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    Step 4

    Design Floor Plan & Elevations

    The architect begins working on plans.

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    Step 5

    Preliminary Cost
    Estimate / Budget

    To evaluate budget vs. plans.

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    Step 6

    Architect Develops Plans Set

    The architectural & structural plans.

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    Step 7

    Develop Specifications

    Client & Architect Develop Specs.

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    Step 8

    Complete, Submit, & Revise All Plan Requirements

    All State and Local building requirements must be met.

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    Step 9

    Final Preparation of Accurate Construction Budget

    Compile all estimates into a final fixed budget.

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    Step 10

    Design Process Finished

    Ready for a Successful Building or Remodeling Project.

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    Homepage Designing Building Remodeling The Process Our Projects About Us Contact Us

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