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Schiller Construction Inc.

Located in Mountain View, California. The one stop answer site for all your home remodeling questions. Our expert team of fully qualified professionals can assist you in making the right decisions for your home upgrade project.

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S C I :

We take care of you from designing through the construction phase.

We do thorough planning and prepare all specifications of products, fixtures and finishes to clarify your project prior to building so that we may be as unobtrusive to you as possible. We take care of your headaches and solve problems so you can concentrate on your new temporary routine. You are welcome and encouraged to verify elements as they are constructed but your questions and modifications will be addressed and resolved in the planning and design process.

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At SCI Design, you get to see your home improvement project before we begin construction with our computer-generated 3D (walk-through) images.

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The building phase of your project is where all the pre-planning pays off. That is why Schiller Construction Inc. is known for quality construction.

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Schiller Construction Inc. really is the very best home improvement and remodeling specialists in California!

Homepage Designing Building Remodeling The Process Our Projects About Us Contact Us

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