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    3D home design floorplan


    "The strength in every project comes from a strong design and a very thorough specification layout."

    Brett Schiller


    All of our design work is done on a three-dimensional computer program that allows easy viewing and modification to your design during floor planning. We are even able to add in your furniture choices and allow you to take a virtual walk through of the interior and exterior of the house before it is set in stone. Many variables can be tried in virtual reality.

    In addition to design drafting, we offer interior layout assistance to help you through all of the difficult interior finish selections. With these main components and your involvement we are able to produce thorough plans and specific plans that match your needs and budget precisely.


    Schiller Construction Inc. offers budget based design work. This means that we will establish with you the general construction budget before design work starts to help guide the design and/or interior work toward your construction budget through the entire procedure which helps control costs.

    The design specification is the absolute backbone to the smooth and effective execution of every remodeling project. From allowing exacting estimates, clear contract specifications, effective pre-ordering the actual project production process is sped up, smoothed out and thus made considerable easier on the home owner.


    The links below open sample windows with some images of what our computer generated 3D design looks like.

  • External Landscape View

  • Interior Open Top View

  • Room Open Top View

  • Plumbing Cutaway Details

  • Elevation View

  • Homepage Designing Building Remodeling The Process Our Projects About Us Contact Us

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